Journeying together in Christ

Saturday, 7 November, 2015: Update by Patti

Hello friends – today our ladies went over to Loretta’s for a “meet the group” lunch and clothing blitz – shoes, sweaters, pants, jewelry: they all found items that fit and are winter-weather appropriate. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the stash that Loretta compiled, and to Loretta and Jason for opening their home for this first successful social event. Alem and her girls are mostly set up now, just need good quality winter boots (3 more pairs) and 3 more warm, weather-proof long winter coats. They got a small taste of what is to come as we were loading up the car and a sudden and unexpected hail storm hit, which sent them all running back into the house. I think they now understand now how important warm clothing will be once the cold weather hits!

 Our newcomers are very gracious and becoming more comfortable with being here – greeting everyone in our WHM group with hugs and big smiles, and patiently trying to follow along the conversation even when it heads out onto excited-fast-talking tangents.

 And then the jet lag hit. We got home, unpacked their new clothes from the car, and they haven’t been seen since. I went down to call them to dinner, and when I looked in on them, they had all laid down on top of their beds, nap-style, but were completely zonked out. I was wondering when it would hit, and it has. Please pray for long, deep, restorative sleep for all of them.

 My hope is that we will go to St James for the 10:30 service tomorrow, but it will depend on how they are feeling in the morning.

Sleep well everyone.

Love P