Journeying together in Christ

A New Kind of Church Choir

The St James Occasional Choir

The St James Occasional Choir sings on a monthly basis, with flexible membership.

  • Choir participation is flexible from month to month. You’re welcome to sing with us any time!
  • There’s no obligation. You may sing with us any number of times, from zero to always!
  • We don’t wear choir robes or any uniform.
  • There are no fees.
  • One monthly rehearsal, Thursday 5:15pm-6:30pm, prior to singing on Sunday. Only come to rehearsal if you’re singing that week.
  • Scores and recordings of your part are made available on a web page beforehand for self-study.

Contact the Music Director, Michael Capon for details.

Tentative dates for the 2022-23 season:

Sunday September 18, 10:30am (rehearsal 15th)
Sunday October 16, 10:30am (rehearsal 13th)
Sunday November 13, 10:30am (rehearsal 10th)
Sunday 11 December, 4:30pm Advent/Christmas Carol service (rehearsal 8th)
Saturday December 24, 10pm (Christmas Eve) (rehearsal 22nd)
Sunday January 22, 10:30am (rehearsal 19th)
Sunday February 19, 10:30am (rehearsal 16th)
Sunday March 12, 10:30am (rehearsal 9th)
Friday April 7, 10am (Good Friday) (rehearsal 9am)
Sunday April 9, 10:30am (Easter) (rehearsal 6th)
Sunday May 7, 10:30am (rehearsal 4th)
Sunday June 11, 10:30am (rehearsal 8th)

The St James Congregational Choir

The weekly Congregational Choir is for those who love to sing hymns, songs, and other congregational music. The Congregational Choir doesn’t present any choral pieces, but just leads the congregational singing on Sunday mornings (except when the monthly Occasional Choir sings). The Congregational Choir will gather at 10am each Sunday morning to run through the congregational music for the day. There is no mid-week rehearsal, and no robes or uniform. Participation is flexible. Contact the Music Director for details.


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