Journeying together in Christ

Mission Committee Mandate


Within the mission of the Parish Council, “journeying together in Christ”, the St. James’ Mission Committee strives, with God’s help, to support organizations and individuals that encourage sharing the gospel, compassion, charity, justice, or education in our global society.


The Mission Committee will,

  1. Disburse, by consensus, congregational funds allocated in the budget in a thoughtful and responsible way.
  2. Encourage and help execute several mission projects per year.
  3. Encourage the congregation and various groups at St. James to participate in mission/outreach activities and prayers.
  4. Coordinate with other committees to generate ideas and directions.
  5. Be conversant with and supportive of people in other St. Jame’s ministries (e.g., Prison Ministry, Student Ministry, national and international PWRDF)
  6. Educate those in the Children’s Church about the work of the Mission Committee.
  7. Maintain open communication with the St. James community through a variety of mediums.
  8. Recruit new members as needed.
  9. Forward the minutes of each Mission Committee’s meeting to the Parish Council.
  10. Report our activities to and invite prayer support from the congregation.
  11. Annually evaluate and refine the Mission Committee’s work to ensure it is meeting its mandate.
  12. Establish a line of connection and prayer with each of the individuals and organizations we support.
  13. At each disbursement meeting, pray for each individual or organization we consider supporting.
  14. Maintain a balance between overseas, domestic, and local individuals and organizations the Mission Committee supports.


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