Journeying together in Christ

The Gathering is a short, informal worship service with a guest speaker followed by a free supper. It is designed for university and college students and young adults. Guest speakers include profs, students, graduates, and members of St. James. This academic year we’re going to change things up occasionally and include fun, community building nights, community service and more.

Join us on Sundays @ 5:30 p.m. for food for the spirit, body and mind!

All are welcome.

For the March-April 2020 Schedule click here…

What Students Say:

“I really like that the gathering is a place to worship God and share in community with others. I appreciate that there is no pressure to it and that we are posed questions to provoke further thought by each week’s speakers. I really appreciate the variety of speakers at the Gathering as you get a different type of thinker every week.”


“The Gathering is an opportunity to join other Christians to deepen my faith by pondering the hard questions. There has yet to be a speaker who hasn’t pushed me to think about the harder parts of Scripture – the parts that seem counterintuitive, the parts that demand us to make choices between divine life and earthly life.

Answering these harder questions is made less intimidating by the fact that there are other university students and other non-university members of St. James there who are struggling alongside me and who are encouraging me. Each person I’ve sat with for worship and dinner has given me wisdom and information with which I’ve gone home and pondered for the week.

The Gathering has been a chance for me to bring my friends to experience this growth with me. It truly is a blessing each and every Sunday to be recognised and welcomed and it is something to which I look forward each and every week!”


The Gathering — Fall 2019 Schedule
Worship + Supper – Sundays@ 5:30 PM
St. James Kingston (10 Union St. West)

Sept. 15 – Eric Bateman, PhD. Student

Sept. 22 – Katie Arac, PhD. Student

Sept. 29 – Road Trip to Royal Chapel of the Mohawks, Tyendinaga

Oct. 6 – Meghan Stouffer Leuprecht, MSW, RSW, (Personal Counsellor, Queen’s U)

“Shining Light into Darkness: Mental Health Resources at Queen’s (and Beyond)” – John 1:1-5

Oct. 13 – No Gathering (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Oct. 20 – TBA

The Book of Job — A 6-part series led by Dr. William Morrow. (Prof. Hebrew and Hebrew Scripture, Queen’s School of Religion)

Oct. 27 – “How Should We Read the Book of Job?”

Nov. 3 – “Did the Devil make him do it?”

Nov. 10 – “What did Job’s friends think they were doing?”

Nov. 17 – “Is it alright to get mad at God?”

Nov. 24 – “What’s Yahweh’s perspective?”

Dec. 1 – “A biblical solution to suffering?”

Dec. 8 – TBA (Christmas theme?)