Journeying together in Christ

Lenten Bible Study with Bill Morrow
Begins March 4

This Lenten series focuses on some of the hardest texts to understand in the book of Genesis. It is jointly sponsored by five churches in downtown Kingston: Chalmers United; St. Andrew’s Presbyterian; St. James Anglican; St. Mark’s Lutheran; and Sydenham United.

Each week, it meets at a different church from 7–9 pm. After a short vesper service in the tradition of the host congregation, the evening will focus on the text chosen for discussion.  Please see the schedule and topics below:

Is the Gospel in Genesis?
Hard Stories in the Bible’s First Book
A Lenten Bible Study led by the Rev. Dr. Bill Morrow

March 4 Was There an Original Sin? (Genesis 3)
@St. James Anglican Church

March 11 God’s Preference for Abel (Genesis 4)
@St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

March 18 Divine Violence in the Flood (Genesis 6–9)
@Chalmers United Church

March 25 The Expulsion of Hagar (Genesis 21)
@St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

April 1 Does God Reward Tricksters? (Genesis 28)
@St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

7–9 p.m.     Everyone Welcome