Journeying together in Christ

How can we help you?

  • 1. Prayer Do you need prayer? Please call the church office at (613) 548-7254 to arrange for someone to call you.
  • 2. Sunday Prayer List If you want to be included in the prayers during the Sunday service please call the office (613) 548-7254.
  • 3. Visit If you need a visit from someone from the Pastoral Care Committee, please call the office (613) 548-7254
  • 4. Communion If you want someone to bring communion to you in your home or in the hospital or in a Nursing home, please call the church office (613) 548-7254.
  • 4. Baptism Do you or someone else in your family want to be baptized? Click here for information or call the church office (613) 548-7254.?
  • 5. Confirmation For information on confirmation, click here, or call the church office (613) 548-7254.
  • 6. Wedding at St. James If you wish to be married at St. James, click here for information, or call the church office at (613) 548-7254.
  • 7. Burial If a loved one has died, please call the church office (613) 548-7254. If the office is closed, please call our priest, The Reverend Andrew Chisholm¬†at
  • Are you a seeker? Are you trying to find God again?

  • Do you have questions about faith and about ways to search and hopefully find God? Please join us, we who are at times searching too.
  • Do you feel that you are the only person who feels disconnected and alone? Can you not feel God’s presence in your life? You are not alone. Every person of faith knows the cycle between feeling close to God and the bitter darkness when we feel like God has abandoned us. Come let’s explore this living God together.
  • If you have questions about your faith, about God, about the workings of the church, please join us. You and your questions will be welcomed. Perhaps you will help us to new understandings of what it means to be alive and connected (or not) with God. Come, you will be welcomed.
  • If you are not ready to join us at St. James, send your comments and questions to us. We will not post your comment and we will send an honest answer to your email address.


  1. Enjoyed today’s service (blessing of the animals). Stopped going to church in 2009 because I was tired of the debate about LGBTQ & same sex weddings. What is St James’ position on this issue?

    • Hello Janet,
      I am so glad you enjoyed today’s service. I hope you will give us a try another time. If you do, why not introduce yourself? I would be very glad to tell you my position on LGBTQ issues, including same sex weddings. However, I am a communications person and a deacon at St. James, and not in charge of the parish. I think it is more important and necessary that our priest answers your question. Thanks for the question and do come and introduce yourself. Peter

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