Journeying together in Christ

Farewell to Trish Miller

Photos by H Peter Schaub. To view the photos, scroll below the prayer.  Click for a larger photo.

A Prayer for Trish Miller  by The Rev. Canon Barbara Stewart on behalf of the congregation.

Loving and gracious God, you have created a wide and wonderful world in which we can travel.  We ask your blessing upon Trish as she is about to leave us at St. James to continue her journey. 
 Be her ever-near companion, O Holy One,and spread the road before her with beauty and adventure.  May her days be free of all harm and distress and may she be accompanied by your Holy Spirit and have your holy angels protect her. 
 As Trish moves on in her life’s journey, may she take with her a heart wrapped in  wonder with which to rejoice in all that she shall meet. 
 Along with a heart wrapped in wonder, may Trish have a mystic map by which she can find the invisible meanings of possible disappointments and delays, of possible stumbling blocks and rainy day troubles. 
 May Trish be always awake to your Sacred Presence and to your divine compassionate love, and may she see in all that happens to her the mystery of your holy plan. 
 May the blessing of your holy name be upon her as she begins a new part of her life and may she be filled with your unending peace and love.  Amen.