Journeying together in Christ

The Fourth Sunday of Advent at St. James included the Children’s Pageant provided by Lisa Chisholm-Smith and the teachers of the Sunday School.

The first group of pictures are from the rehearsal before the presentation for the congregation. The second group of pictures are from the presentation to the congregation.

Photos by H Peter Schaub ©2016

For a larger photo, click on the images in this gallery.


  1. Of course these are Peter Schaub’s photos! Of course! They’re so delightful, as always — only these are extra-special, I think. Peter knows how to capture the heart and soul and spirit of a child (of all ages). What a treasure… and what a remarkable record of a beautiful time for St. James.
    Love and admiration,

    • I am so moved by your comment, Francie. Thank you!
      As editor of Dialogue, I respected your editorial skills to choose just the right photo to illustrate the story you published. And any praise that you give is like winning a Pulitzer prize…. a rare honour. Been missing you and your side-kick, Jane M.
      Love, Peter

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful photos, Peter. I can feel the blessed being together.
    Wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Lovely Greetings from Germany

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