Journeying together in Christ

What a positive and affirming Annual Vestry meeting on February 21st.

St. James is poised to be around for another 170 years.

The best part is: St. James is not just aiming for the status quo but is energized to create worship that is alive in hope, in joy, in visions for experiencing God’s presence at St. James and in ministering to the community surrounding it and in far off lands.

All present at the meeting were encouraged twice: first the congregation’s hard efforts resulted in a small shortfall, under 12 thousand dollars and then, a second encouragement: a parishioner, moved by God’s prompting, pledged 12 thousand dollars, to eliminate the shortfall. God is faithful; God is good.

God is encouraging us to go forward into the next year or into the next century trusting that loving and energized ministry will be faithfully empowered and encouraged.



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