Journeying together in Christ

The Alzheimer Cafe on December 10th, was delightful, very informative and well attended.

20161210_alzheimer-cafe_0065_pp(Scroll down for more photos.)

Dr. Mark Sirett brought his Cantabile Children’s Chorus to sing. They delighted everyone with their beautiful voices and their enthusiasm.  Even Dr. Sirett complimented his singers who masterfully sang some quite difficult pieces “while I had my back to them,” he said.

After the singers left, Dr. Sirett played and led everyone in Christmas Carols.

Alison Filteau, a Chaplain at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, gave an excellent talk on the importance of relationships in the Alzheimer journey by
those affected by the disease and those who were care-givers. She gave practical advice and  a wealth of information from her private as well as professional life.


There were yummy refreshments, made even more special as Leaders Lisa and Amy brought 8 Pathfinders who cheerfully served patrons at the Cafe.

What an enjoyable and informative occasion!

Don’t miss the next one in the New Year.

And don’t miss the three concerts by the Cantabile Choirs, next week, on December 16th and 17th. One concert is already almost sold out!

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Photos by H Peter Schaub © 2016





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