Journeying together in Christ

Sentimental Journey Choir performs at the Alzheimer Cafe on January 28, 2017

An excellent Alzheimer Cafe, last Saturday.
Pharmacists Carol and Beth Risto, gave a very useful overview of drug therapies open to dementia patients as well as a description of the disease and how it affects those afflicted with it.
The more than 60 people present were delighted by the Kingston choir, “Sentimental Journey.” Their name aptly describes their choice of music: sentimental music from the 50’s and 60’s. At the end of their set, they led a singalong. They stood amid the people present and encouraged everyone to sing lustily. And they did!
To top off this wonderful event, plates of goodies stood at the centre of the table and Youths served coffee and tea.
Be sure to mark, March the 25th in your calendar for the Next Alzheimer Cafe.

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Photos by H Peter Schaub © 2017


  1. It was my first time attending the Café. I want to congratulate everyone of the organizing committee for the wonderful afternoon shared by so many. The goodies on the table were very tasty and the young girl servers were attentive to making sure we had as many refills for tea and coffee as we wanted.
    The entertainment was well done and I had an opportunity to reconnect with several members who I had met some years ago.
    The speakers gave a very good presentation about drugs and their effect on dementia patients.
    Again, thank you for this informative, entertaining afternoon.

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