Journeying together in Christ


Do you miss singing? Eight local churches (Chalmers United, Faith United, Princess Street United, St Andrew’s Presbyterian, St James’ Anglican, St Mark’s Lutheran, St Paul’s Anglican Sydenham, Sydenham Street United) are working together on a recorded Easter Readings and Music service, and you can participate!

The service will begin and end with video compilations of the great Easter hymns “Jesus Christ is risen today” and “Yours be the glory”, and everyone is invited to participate by video recording.

If you haven’t recorded a video before, don’t worry! It may feel like you’re singing a solo, but you’re not! Your recording will be blended together with all the other submissions, as in this example from Christmas:

If you’re not sure how to use the technology, we encourage you to reach out to someone in your bubble for assistance, or to The more people participate in the production, the better!


PDFs of the music and reference recordings are available below and also included in this Google folder:

Play the reference recordings on one device (computer), plug in some headphones or earbuds, and video yourself singing along on another device (phone or tablet).

Upload your videos to the same Google folder above (sign-in required), or e-mail them to using or (no sign-in required).

Jesus Christ is risen today
– Sing only the melody in unison
– Instrumentalists are encouraged to play along, including guitars.Use the provided arrangement as a basis.

Yours be the glory
– You may sing harmony for verse 2 if you wish
– Sing the English words except…
– Verse 2 sing in the language of your choice!

Descants – Sopranos and Tenors
You’re welcome to record the descants in the soprano or tenor range. If you do the descant, record it in a separate video from the verses.

Please submit your videos by Sunday 21 March 2021.