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Vaccination Policy

September 25, 2021

RE: Vaccination Policy at St. James In-Person Events

Dear friends,

After much prayerful consideration, the St. James Parish Council and wardens have decided to enact a vaccination policy that will require all persons, born 2009 or earlier, entering the church building to be fully vaccinated, starting October 1.

Pandemic Covid-19, is spread by inhaling the very small aerosols that infected people have coughed, sneezed, or otherwise expelled from their mouths and noses. It is much more infectious than common respiratory viruses such as colds and influenza. It makes people sick in days and can last for months. It fills hospitals with people struggling to breathe. 

The vaccines for Covid-19 are spectacularly effective and safe. They protect both the vaccinated person and those sharing the same airspace. They protect communities. Witness the vulnerable groups who have not been able to acquire the vaccines yet in sufficient numbers, and who have high rates of infection and death. Also witness the devastation in Long Term Care facilities where staff were slow to be vaccinated.

St. James congregation has vulnerable people. Most of us have already received two shots against Covid-19. Many of our folks who go to school or shops or offices are now required to have vaccine documents, as per Public Health recommendations.

A few people have personal reasons for not taking the vaccine, at least not yet. They may have had painful experiences in the past with medical professionals, or procedures. They may be reluctant to concede loss of autonomy of their persons. They may find it difficult to attend a large vaccination clinic. They may be just frustrated with the pandemic and with being told what to do.

Those feelings have been carefully considered in making the St. James in-person vaccination policy, but safety remains the paramount concern.

Most St James services are currently live-streamed and available 24/7 on our YouTube channel. Prayer meetings, bible studies and other gatherings can be joined by Zoom. We encourage you to see the weekly Friday news bulletins for connection information. The children of our church have been doing this with great success while waiting for approved vaccines for their age groups. If you need technical support to learn how to join online, please email the church office at or call the office at 613-548-7254.

We also want to ensure that unvaccinated parishioners have options to receive the sacraments, including communion. If you, or others you know, are in this situation you can contact any one of our clergy and arrangements will be made for the individual or family.

Finally, if anyone has questions about the safety of the vaccines, our pandemic response coordinator, Dr, Rick Rowland, will be happy to speak with you on this.  He notes that there is a very, very small number of people who may be exempt from these vaccines: 1) those who had a severe allergic reaction to this vaccine, and the allergy is confirmed by a specialty allergist. 2) Those who developed documented cardiomyopathy after an mRNA vaccine, a rare reaction. To speak with Rick send him an email by way of the church office.
For other inquiries related to the vaccination policy, please email the Churchwardens at

We look forward to worshipping, learning and praying with you in our in-person or online communities in the weeks and months ahead.

  Mike Lindsey
People’s Warden

Dawn Tate
Rector’s Warden

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…