Journeying together in Christ

St. James’ Intern Program

At St. James’, we believe in investing in students as leaders and we are delighted that many students are involved in many different areas in the life of our church. This includes as Children’s Ministry leaders, music leaders, coffee hour hosts, technology leaders, greeters, readers and more! One big area of leadership we invest in is our student internship program. This is a program that lasts the full academic year, and which invites students to develop their God-given gifts while at the same time, investing in the youth of our parish. Over the years, we have been blessed with many incredible interns. You can learn more about the program by contacting Lisa Chisholm-Smith   or by filling out a StudentInternshipApplicationForm  (PDF).

Do you want to make a huge difference in God’s Kingdom? Mentor young people? Share the love of Christ in new ways? Get great bible teaching experience? Participate fully in the intergenerational family of St. James’?

This may be for you!

Being a St. James’ Youth Intern is a rewarding way to connect with community. It engages you in a family-like network including the youth, their parents, other student interns, and the congregational ‘links’. The Internship is also a great way to develop your skills/habits for teamwork, teaching, bible study, and prayer.  – Jason

Goals: to equip students for leadership in the Church and in God’s Kingdom and to encourage Christian growth and maturity. The students will also contribute to the life and ministry of St. James’, particularly in the area of youth ministry.

Rewards:  great fun, ministry experience, growth as a leader, a chance to try out your gifts, the knowledge and joy of significantly impacting the lives of our teenagers, huge amounts of great food, good books to reflect on together, consistent support, encouragement and mentoring …. and a small honorarium.

Needed:  students who are committed to growing in their relationship with Jesus, who have a desire for Bible Study and theological reflection and who love young people – our high school group (grades 8 – 12) or our jr group (grades 5 – 7) – as well as with the whole family of St. James’.


 AprilEach intern will meet with Val to discern individual gifts and interests in ministry.  Interns will meet as a group for orientation.  Each intern will be assigned a parish “link”, who will support and pray from them throughout the year.  The internship team will be commissioned at a Sunday service in April.

Being a part of the internship at St. James has been life-changing for me. I have loved getting to know the youth, studying God’s Word with them, wrestling through big life questions with them, and laughing and having fun with them. I have learned so much from serving, but the program is also about being served and growing in your own faith. The way that the interns work together as a team and are supported by their links and the whole church is a beautiful picture of the way that God designed the body of Christ. I would strongly recommend the internship at St. James. It has truly has blessed me and has been one of the highlights of my entire time at Queen’s!  – Liz.

May – August: Each intern will be given a classic Christian text to read on their own, and to reflect on.  Each intern and link will be encouraged to take stock of their spiritual journey, reflect on where they are and where they would like to grow, and to share that with the group either verbally or in writing.

September – mid-April: Each intern will

  • Attend 2 full group planning meetings per term (about 3 hours per meeting)
  • Lead  5 – 6  youth discussions during the Sunday morning service per term.  (depending on experience and level of comfort, the interns will either lead the youth on their own, or with Lisa, their link or another intern)
  • Regularly “check in” with their parish link and with Lisa about lesson plans, and the intern’s own spiritual journey.
  • Either lead or assist in planning two to three events per term that involve our youth.  In the past, events have included:  a trip to the soup kitchen, a trip to the Wolf Island Corn maze, games’ nights, refugee simulation event, etc.  Events vary hugely in time commitment. Depending on what you plan, an event could take 4 hours (soup kitchen) to 30 hours (refugee simulation or sleepover).   No more than one large scale event is taken on per year.  Usually, each intern is responsible for overseeing one specific event and is a helper at most other events throughout the term (or year)
  • Work with Lisa to discern your gifts in ministry, and try out some new challenges (Bible study leadership, preaching, lay reading, etc.)
  • Daily times of prayer will be encouraged.
  • Interns will be expected to worship regularly at St. James’ and be a visible part of our community.
  • Interns will be encouraged and expected to practice self care throughout the internship.  Requirements will be adapted to each individual student as appropriate.

April:  Each intern will participate in a debriefing exercise and will be encouraged to reflect on the experience of ministry over the past year.

Time requirements:

The expectation is that this internship will require 3-4 hours per week averaged out throughout the term.  (some weeks, interns will log 0 hours.  On weeks that you are both teaching and are involved in an event, you might have up to 6 or 8 hours). The program will take into account the student schedule of exams, spring break, placements, holidays, etc.

All leaders at St. James’ who work with children and youth are required to have a current police check.  The church will incur the cost for this check.  It must be on file in the parish office by the first week of September.

If you have any questions about this program, please direct questions to Lisa Chisholm-Smith,


The Rev. Lisa Chisholm-Smith
(613) 548-7254 – church office

Interview Videos

Below you can see interview videos with three former/current interns available from our YouTube page.