Journeying together in Christ

Updated: May 9, 2024

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Sunday May 12 provides an occasion for several observances. At St. James we will be celebrating Ascension Sunday. Technically, the Feast of Ascension takes place on May 9, exactly forty days after Easter Sunday. Along with many churches, however, we will be observing the Feast of the Ascension as the Seventh Sunday in Easter. May 12 has also been designated as “Jerusalem and Holy Land Sunday” by both the Anglican and Lutheran communions. This focus has been developed to foster support for Christian communities in Israel and the Levant. You can learn more at:

Last, but certainly not least, May 12 is “Mother’s Day.” Here is an opportunity to recognize the immense importance of motherhood and maternal bonds to the health of families, society, and the life of faith.

We will have a 9am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion (said service) and a 10:30am Book of Alternative Service of Eucharist with hymns and music. Bill Morrow will be preaching and presiding at both services.

 Children who wish to join the procession should line up at the back of the church before the service begins.

The 10:30 service will be live streamed on our YouTube Channel.