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Deacon Sharon Dunlop appeared on 100 Huntley Street on February 17th Missed it? Go to

Missed the TV show? Go to and follow the links.

Empathy Project
Since 2015 The Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC) has been promoting an Empathy Project held in prisons, several of which are in the Kingston area. This program is unique in the correctional system because it serves to focus on the impact crime has on victims. The goal is to assist the participants in understanding the impact of their offence against others and to encourage the growth of empathy. Often the offenders have been victims themselves and out of their frustration, commit their offences. Victims include not only the immediate person(s) involved but also family (on both sides), friends, first-responders, co-workers – the list goes on.
“Faith Today” featured an article about the Empathy Project in its’ January/February edition –  Please click on this link.

This article inspired 100 Huntley Street to seek an interview with CCJC to air on one of their episodes. Board member and Treasurer Rebecca Bromwich and I were interviewed by the producers of 100 Huntley Street this week. The episode will be aired by 100 Huntley Street on Friday February 17th, 9:30 a.m. segment, Global network. It will also be aired in the afternoon on Yes TV. A link for online viewing will be provided closer to the airing date. Go to and follow the links.

Sharon Dunlop Deacon President – CCJC

For a PDF of this page, please click on this link: St. James’ – Newsletter – 100 Huntley St. (1)


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